Vojtěch Barta

QA, Agile, Testing...


I am a responsible pragmatic QA agile geek. I have an experience working in multicultural agile teams in the positions of Analyst, Test Manager, Tester, Scrum Master and Mentor. I love Agile and I am cable to apply it on the particular project with focus on quality and real value in specific context.

Testing, Agile, Requirements - my work, my hobbies.

I have enjoyed doing this for 9 years already, and I am still having fun.

I believe quality should be defined by satisfaction of all stakeholders. I found it is far behind requirements, implementation, testing, etc.

Of course, these are all still important activities but you are as good in them as you are good in other aspects Agile encourague you to do, like communication, interaction, trust, commitment, business understanding, etc.

Areas of interest: Software testing, Quality Assurance, Agile methodologies, Requirement Management, Customer Involvement, Public Speaking on Conferences, Photography, Sports, Shooting


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    I have practical experience with Scrum and Kanban and also with transition from linear approaches. Mine experience is based on both, success and failures. I believe that each project is different and everything is only guideline. You need to have broader knowledge and find out what suites you in particular context. You need to evaluate it and evolve continuously.
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    Business analysis and Requirement management

    Defining proper requirements based on real customer needs. Writing SMART User Stories. Think in big picture. Avoid unnecessary complexity and variations. Sharing the understanding with the team to deliver value as whole team.
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    QA and Testing

    QA is about preventing defects. Testing is about finding defects. Both are important and the balance is key to success. I have strong experience in area of Functional and Exploratory testing.
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    Automation and continuous delivery

    Everything is so fast that we cannot succeed without proper test automation. I have experience with UI automation with all of pros but also cons. I do not have too much practical experience with lower level of automation, but I know the theory and understand the needs :)
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    Transparency, solving problems immediately, trust and respects. It is all about people and that is the most important aspect of my job and life.


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    Agile, testing and requirement management

    Jira, Rally, Case Complete, Enterprise Architect, XMind
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    Selenium (long time ago)
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    Basic knowledge of Java but generally I can read and evaluate any code for purpose of backend testing. Good knowledge of SQL (for purpose of testing)

QA Mentor and Trainer (Jan 2016 - current)

Mentoring QAs on several projects bringing experience and also external point of view. Participating in development of company QA and Agile strategy.

Focus on following mentoring areas

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    Methodology and Process

    Work in iterations vs Kanban style ... Grooming, sizing, planning, commitment ... Effective demos ... Customer involvement and acceptance ... Retrospectives ... Reaction to change ... Personal and team responsibility ... Applying good practices in context of the project ...
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    Preventing defects over finding them later ... Importance of combination of structured and unstructured approaches ... Quality as shared team responsibility ... Automation ... Visualisation and Transparency
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    Testing in context of Agile in balance with other activities ... How to write abstract test cases ... Depth of testing based on business importance and risks ... Exploratory testing ... Effective reporting ... Defending testing scope ... Driving bug resolution avoiding technical dept ... Everybody tests attitude ...
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    Requirement management

    How to write testable user stories ... Business understanding and goal mapping ... Think first... Measure it ...

As a Trainer I do several trainings mainly focused on Vendavo business domain and functionality for newcomers but also Agile and Testing ones.

Speaker on Conferences

 I like to share my ideas with different peoples so I decided to try my luck speaking about QA on Test Conferences. So far so good and I really like it.

I spoke on following conferences.

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    Czech Test 2014 - Trust in Agile Teams

    My first conference as a speaker. Great experience. Positive feedback.
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    Dev Fest 2014 - What is QA?

    Speaking about QA at conference for Devs. A lot of fun
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    Agilia Conference 2015 - Quality as Satisfaction of all Stakeholders

    A lot of questions, great discussion after the speech.
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    SQA Days 17 - Quality as whole team responsibility

    My first conference as speaker abroad. Very good experience. Quite unknown topic in Belarus.
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    Czech Test 2015 - Effective reporting

    How do I do reporting and why? Based on real life, sharing my learnings (good and bad). Why we do reports at all?
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    SQA Days 18 - Effective reporting

    This time in Russia. Very similar speech as on Czech Test but more on basics and with more examples. Great experience.
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    Czech Test 2016 - Mentoring in QA

    Why we need mentoring? How to build a mentoring team? How to build a structured mentoring process? Mentoring as never ending story...

Senior QA Engineer (Aug 2015 - Jan 2016)

I wanted to return back to the field of daily testing. It slowly started as partially help on project for one of our most challenging customers and ended more than full time there until August 2015.

I sucesfully transfered management responsibility to new QA Manager during summer 2015 when I am still supporting him. It was great timing because I really needed a change to go back to more practical and technical work - enough management for a while.

I transfered to the Engineering part of our company where I focused on review of our QA process, mapping test cases, reviewing automation, etc. when the main goal is to find out the way how to improve quality of new releases and also be better when Engineering communicates with Global Solution Delivery teams.

QA Manager (Feb 2011 - Aug 2015)

I was a lead of Vendavo CZ QA GSD team leading about 20-25 QAs on more than 10 projects. I was also still testing but only 3 days of week.

Main focus areas of management work were following

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    Staffing, mentoring and leading team

    Who should work on which project... Who needs to learn what ... What challenges do we have across all projects ...
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    Agile transformation

    Moving from Waterfall to Agile ... What does it mean from QA point of view?
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    Negotiations QA related issues with customers and other teams

    We all should have the same understanding and goals
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    Defining Test Strategy and Agile adoption

    From safety nets to added value
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    Test Approaches

    Test planning ... Test case preparation ... Test execution ... Reporting and Bug Management ... Exploratory testing ...
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    Developing of company specific UI Automation Framework ... Fighting for more automation on different levels (UI is not enough and it is expensive)

Agile Coach (Jan 2014 - Dec 2014)


Coaching and advising during Agile transition in Netdevelo s.r.o

I prepared general Agile Training and then I mentor them several months. Focusing on Scrum but then moving to Kanban slowly.

Analyst and Tester (Apr 2007 - Dec 2010)


In the role of analyst I did complete requirement management based on the regular direct communication with the customer representatives.

As a test leader I was responsible for whole testing process. I managed test plans, strategies and test cases.
I executed tests and also had been focused on automation.