Czech Test 2014

I attended Czech Test 2014 conference and it was my first conference as a speaker.

For me, conference started by dinner on boat for speakers. I had quite good chat with several other speakers and boat trip was also very nice.

Generally it was a good conference when Keynotes were excellent. It was also nice to see a lot of Czech speakers - that is not common and I think there should be more space where our speakers can evolve.

Clarion Hotel was perfect and whole conference was well organised.

Keynote: Why Are We Still Getting IT Wrong (Richard Taylor)

Excellent Keynote by excellent speaker. Richard started with several examples of software failures during history to demonstrate that we did not learn from past… Second half of his speech was about the most common causes of failures and why they are still here.

1) Delivering late

  • Optimistic
    • Testers know that optimistic estimates does not work
    • 3 perspective estimates = (best + most likely + worst) / 3
  • Pressure
    • There are several test phases in each sprint because it never goes smoothly
  • Not learnt from the past

 2) Delivering over budget

  • The same reasons as above (Optimistic, Pressure, Not learning)
  • Later found bugs are more expensive because number of involved people is increasing
  • Any work can be reviewed and improved
  • Coding is not a problem. Anybody can code. Requirements are problematic. Testers are very good in their review.

Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Acceptance Test Under Control (Matěj Sova)

It was sponsor speech so a lot of advertisement is acceptable.

  • Quality is an ability to use the solution
  • Cost of testing is cost of risk reduction
  • Do not be afraid to stop the project if needed

Overview of the ISTQB Advanced Level Certification

This was really boring presentation about ISTQB so time to check emails.

Keynote: Mobile Testers Guide to the Galaxy (Julian Harty)

Keynotes are the best ones on each conference and I really enjoyed this one too. Mobile testing is undiscovered area for me but I suppose it is nearest future as everything is moving this direction.

  • Guides are useless when you do not need them
  • Test the factors that may affect your application while testing the functionality = behaviour
  • Real users doing stupid things – like living lives
  • As a tester – how can I add value?

High Impact Tools for non-technical testers (Pablo Garcia)

This speech was fun. Pablo presented several tools that can save a lot of time and also several opinions I share with him.

  • Choose tools you need
  • Pen and paper is still one of the most effective tool
  • Know your definitions – people very often do not understand what they talk about
  • I need my opinion and values
  • Stop! Take a thinking pause
  • Silence as the most powerful tool. Use it very carefully.

How to Suspend Testing and Still Succeed (Graham Thomas)

Quite interesting case study about the project where they decided to suspend testing for a while because it was the last logical option they had.

  • We will get it to you (to testing) when it is developed
  • Suspend testing when it does not bring any value
  • Suspending testing is very powerful – do not underestimate the audience you will get by this action

Find and handle with root causes instead of fixing symptoms (Artur Gorski)

Quite hard topic for 45 min presentation.

  • Create bugs you know they should be found - test your testers

Short stories

It supposed to be 5 minutes long presentation – quite challenging. I expected some strong short presentation like Tedx but I was a bit disappointed. I pointed down only several interesting ideas.

  • Test Strategy as direction
  • Sometimes it is just because of old friendships
  • Cost of no quality
  • Job role - Accidentally test manager

Keynote: Natural Born Testers. Are you one? If not, then become one! (Graham Thomas)

I saw this Keynote on Agile Testing Days last year and it was again fun.

  • Angry Birds as part of job interview
  • It is hard to show people something what is not happening
  • It is good but it might be better
  • The simple solution is not always the optional one

Panel discussion with Keynote speakers

Good idea to have such discussion when audience writes down questions for keynote speakers and they answered them live.

  • Demotivation - When nobody wants to invest to your development (you know enough, that is why we hired you)
  • Mentors are good to guide
  • Sometimes we just miss pressure to deliver
  • Prove of the pudding is in the eating
  • Do not recruit clones. Base your recruitment on the people you already have
  • Techniques can be thought. Soft skills – that is different story...
  • Tests do not fail, software does
  • You should not be able to separate testing from other activities and reports

Drilling for bugs before drilling for oil (Mark Burghout, Jaroslav Reclik)

Speech about testing in industry. This can be very interesting topic but this one was not good. It was more about the company and what products they do but nothing about testing itself.

And presentation skills were terrible – reading from notes…

Keynote: Star Wars and Testing – avoiding the Top “Black holes” IT teams fall into (Julie Gardiner)

Excellent keynote presented by charismatic Julie. This was the best one for me at whole conference.

1) Abusing why Agile is adopted

  • In right company
  • By right people
  • For right purpose

I love Agile, but only when it is not right

2) Anyone can test = big misunderstanding

  • Justify what we are doing
  • Find what motivates / demotivates you

 Testers Style Analysis - exercise to find out what kind of tester you are.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 13.06.00



Testers, let`s stand at the front of agile trenches (Miroslav Renda)

I pointed down only one quote

  • Having people sitting in one room does not necessary mean one team

Future of Agile Testing Approach (Gowrishankar Sundararajan)

Talk about moving test automation to the earlier phase of Sprints. It was some kind of success story but I was a bit confused by that. May be because I was a bit nervous about my following talk.

No Trust, No Quality (Vojtěch Barta)

This was my first speech at Test Conference ever. I choose this topic because I think it is quite important and I hope it was a good choice because it was continuing in previously discussed topics.

I felt a bit nervous but I hope everybody enjoyed it and I delivered a value.

Competition Awards

There was a competition to write the strangest or funny User Story we ever saw.

I won Kindle Paper white for 3rd place.

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