QA Rumors

Sometimes I read interesting article or discuss some topic with nice conclusions. After a week I do not remember it. That is a pity. So I decided to write it down and keep this page live.

Testing and QA

  • Changes in our business demand a re-think of when testing fits in systems projects.
  • Testing in the end get squeezed because it has no value.
  • Testing itself does not bring any quality. It is only measure.
  • Testers are assurance we are producing good quality software. That is not about finding bugs, it is about preventing them.
  • How many Project Managers understand what Test Managers do?
  • Visualize quality!
  • Value of testing lies in activities, not in artifacts.
  • Be honest to everybody. If there are problems, let everybody experience them.
  • Test managers should test. Lead by example.

Test strategies and techniques

  • TDD has nothing to do with testing, it is a design process technique.
  • Developing without Unit testing is like when children need diapers.
  • Teach yourself to read the code and to recognize the buggy one.
  • Finding bugs became annoying.
  • When you should produce detailed test cases? Only when you are going to offshore your testing.


  • Automated chaos is only faster chaos.
  • Automation needs technical skills. Indeed it is closer to development. That is the why we have to consider resources carefully.
  • Be aware that a lot of testers do not want to be automators.
  • It is not about finding more bugs – it should bring bigger confidence in system and allow us to sleep better.
  • Set realistic expectations.
  • Pilot  project will not be ideal. Consider it more as a playground.
  • Automated Functional Testing is not correct term. Automated Functional Validation is better.
  • No error does not mean it passed.
  • Avoid automating existing manual test scripts.


  • Building the product right and building the right product are two different things. We need to do both in order to to succeed.
  • Business story is a trigger for conversation.
  • Do not think about users, they are to abstract. Focus on personas.
  • Like a cheap wine, long paper documentation ages rapidly and leaves you with a bad headache if you try to use it a year after it was created.
  • Agile software development methods are plagued with terminology and buzzwords.
  • Each change needs management support. If management responds wit pressure rather than support, people will fall back into their old ways of doing things and start protecting their position rather than collaborating.
  • The biggest source of waste in software development is just-in-case code, it means software that was written without being needed.
  • Identify you by a product not by a role.
  • Standups are more about listening than about speaking.

Without category

  • Developers are allergic to sentence “Your software has bugs.” That is why the expected answer is “We knooooow!!!!”
  • When I was pissed off because of too many bugs in one concrete software my son asked me “Daddy, what part of this whole system did you make?”, “Oh, shit…”
  • Frustration is a good motivator for change but you can easily miss the timing.
  • Happiness is also a quality measure.
  • 80% today is better than 100% tomorrow.
  • Ban to use other best practices. Make your own set of good ones.
  • Testing certification is like when your mum said you that you are handsome.
  • It is not good enough to became excellent tester - you need to become known as excellent tester. You need to build your reputation.

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