Texas – Houston

Texas – Houston

On the way again – this time Texas.

It left my home early in morning and it was snowing during the entire way to airport in Krakow. Journey to Texas was long but flights were good and on time. We landed in Texas at noon and it was very hot there (28 degrees). Quite a big change but I liked it 🙂

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I had enough time for sightseeing during Saturday and Sunday. Walking trough the empty city. It looks like most of the people disappear from city during weekend and all shopping areas are closed. I felt like in city of ghosts.

I bought compact camera before this business trip because I was always too lazy to travel with my DSLR. I bought Sony Cyber Shot RX100 I. and I am really impressed with results. It is small compact which fits your pocket but it can deliver almost the same image quality as my Nikon D750 (in day light or in combination with gorillapod). I would say that ISO is very good up to 800, it cannot compete with FX in higher values but even ISO 3200 was still ok for Facebook like pictures.
Autofocus is accurate and I would say quick enough for static photos. LCD is bright enough so you can shoot even on direct sun however view-finder would be nice (III. version of this camera has it).
Camera provides you with full control (A, S, P, M modes) but I also found Advanced auto mode very useful (auto bracketing, decent HDR, etc.). You can also use Panorama function – it works fine, but it requires precise movement which I am not used to.

As I said, everything was closed during weekend, so I was walking trough the city enjoying skyscrapers (the tallest one is about 80 floors).

Our meeting room was located on 48th floor of on of the biggest buildings so we had very nice view. Unfortunately windows very not so clean to take better pictures. Moreover, Sony widest zoom is equivalent of 28 mm on FX so it is definitely not a wide enough one.

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